About RaMP

From genome assembly to genomic novelty to phenotype – an integrated training framework

Our program will support the training of a diverse set of 30 postbaccalaureate mentees, predominantly members of groups underrepresented in biology, for future success in STEM. We will train mentees in both research and professional skills, while building mentorship capacity at multiple levels through network participant training and expansion. Incorporating both cohort-based and individualized research experiences, we aim to integrate mentee and mentor participants, and network partners, into a cohesive research program centered on discovering genomic novelty and understanding the link between genomic novelty and phenotype.

Why consider an NSF-RaMP postbac program?

  • Opportunity to give research a test drive
  • Financial stability as you explore research
  • Learn new skills
  • Experience the culture of a different academic institution
  • Prepare to enter STEM workforce or graduate school

Key elements of an NSF-RaMP Postbac Experience:

  • One-year intensive biology research experience
  • Minimum stipend of $32,500 (may vary based on cost of living)
  • Mentoring, networking and professional development
  • Part of a cohort of ~10 mentees

NSF Eligibility Requirements:

  • U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals, or permanent residents
  • BA or BS in life sciences or a related field—such as environmental sciences, chemistry, geography, data science, engineering, physics, etc.
  • Applying within four years of graduation (extensions allowed for family, medical or military leave)

UConn/SCSU RaMP begins August 1st 2023

Map of RAMP programs in the United States