About RaMP

From genome assembly to genomic novelty to phenotype - an integrated training framework

Our program will support the training of a diverse set of 30 postbaccalaureate mentees, predominantly members of groups underrepresented in biology, for future success in STEM. We will train mentees in both research and professional skills, while building mentorship capacity at multiple levels through network participant training and expansion. Incorporating both cohort-based and individualized research experiences, we aim to integrate mentee and mentor participants, and network partners, into a cohesive research program centered on discovering genomic novelty and understanding the link between genomic novelty and phenotype.

Program Components

Bridge to Research:

At the start of the program, scholars participate in a month-long bridge to research program to provide research and professional development training, orientation to working at UConn and the Storrs campus, and an opportunity to get acquainted with fellow cohort members. During this program, scholars begin bioinformatics training workshop and learn and practice general molecular lab skills including DNA and RNA extractions, PCR, gel electrophoresis and data interpretation.

Independent and Collaborative Research Projects

Following the “Bridge to Research” program, each scholar will spend most of their time in home labs, working on an independent research project in conjunction with a research mentor (see Meet the team page) and a graduate student mentor. In addition to an independent project, each cohort will collaborate on a group genomics project to sequence, assemble, and annotate the genome of three species. Currently, the 2023 cohort’s project focuses on three scorpion species, H. arizonensis, C. cimrmani, and C. stockmannorum.



Cohort Fridays

In the RaMP program, each Friday is reserved for cohort learning and activities. Mornings are spent participating in the bioinformatics workshop and making progress on the group project. Afternoon activities vary from weekly journal club, project update presentations or professional development activities and workshop like using LinkedIn for career exploration, writing resumes and cover letters, and time management strategies.


UConn RaMP begins August 1st 2024


RaMP scholars attending the Women* in Bioinformatics Conference at Southern Connecticut State University.

RaMP scholars attending the Women* in Bioinformatics Conference at Southern Connecticut State University.