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Genomic Novelty @ RaMP

This program will train a diverse set of 30 postbaccalaureate mentees, predominantly members of groups underrepresented in biology, for future success in STEM. We will train mentees in both research and professional skills, while building mentorship capacity through network participant training and expansion. Incorporating both cohort-based and individualized research experiences, we aim to integrate mentee and mentor participants, and network partners, into a cohesive research program centered on discovering genomic novelty and understanding the link between genomic novelty and phenotype.

After an initial 3-week ‘bridge-to-research’ bootcamp, each cohort will collaborate on the assembly and annotation of genomes from three eukaryotic species. Bridging this project into individualized laboratory-based experiential learning, each trainee will also have an independent research role in a project.

Online applications are due on March 31st!

RaMP Program Application

RaMP Program Application

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